Shadow Box Creative Media


New Logo. New Website.
October 27, 2008

Shadow Box has changed. Our logo and website, that is. And our focus.

Since 2003, we’ve been in the business of building websites for Calgary-area non-profits; that was our mission, and non-profit organizations are still the clients we intend to help. One need look no further than our list of non-profit projects to gauge our commitment to the non-profit sector. We’re excellent at what we do and (just as importantly when it comes to non-profits) we’re affordable. That’s a killer combo when you’re working for NGOs, municipalities, and associations, no?

Those same traits, however, have also garnered the attention of a number of creative agencies in and around Calgary, especially web and graphic designers who either hate coding or don’t have enough time to code a project. They can send their designs to us, outsourcing the development of their project, and still make a tidy profit. Why? Call it rural outsourcing. We’re not located in the city; our expenses for office space and general living aren’t as high, so we can pass that on to our clients. Win-win, I’d say.

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